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As a seasoned Leadership & Performance Coach, I elevate executives and their teams through bespoke coaching, strategic onboarding, skill enhancement workshops, and dynamic offsite facilitation. My firm, V&CO, directly addresses the leadership challenges, providing targeted interventions that result in heightened leadership acuity, accelerated professional development, and a cohesive, high-performing team dynamic.

My career foundation as an executive HR leader is built on a record of driving growth and fostering high-performance teams. I've honed these skills through strategic roles at innovative companies like BenchSci, AlayaCare, and Shopify, where my efforts led to significant organizational advancements.

Holding an MBA and a Master's in psychology, I apply a rare fusion of business acumen and psychological insight to every challenge. This dual expertise has empowered me to shape global departments and cultivate talent across borders.

Beyond my professional narrative, my mission is deeply rooted in enhancing team alignment and individual leadership through trust and self-awareness. I am committed to guiding leaders and organizations towards a true north where success is not only measured in profit but also in a thriving and fulfilled culture. At V&CO, I am your trusted partner in elevating your leadership team to peak performance and alignment, with a focus on enlightened decision-making and deeper self-awareness.

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