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Donate to Empower Emerging Adults

At Grow Still, we are on a mission to transform the lives of emerging adults (ages 18-35) and empower them to navigate the challenging transition into adulthood successfully. We believe in the potential of every emerging adult to become a game changer in society, addressing systemic issues and innovating for a better future. Your donation can be the catalyst for positive change in the lives of these young individuals.

Why your donation matters?

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Affordable access to vital services: Your support helps us to continue offering our valuable services at an affordable price, ensuring that emerging adults from diverse backgrounds can access the guidance they need.

Free services for vulnerable individuals: We provide free services to those ageing out of the youth protection system, offering them essential support as they face the challenges of emerging adulthood.

Fair compensation for emerging adult employees: Many of our employees are emerging adults themselves. Your donation helps us to provide equitable pay, empowering them to grow personally and professionally.

Global reach: We are committed to expanding our global reach and impact. Your contribution helps us develop our website into a comprehensive resource accessible to emerging adults worldwide.

Enhancing workshops: Your generosity allows us to diversify the supplies used in our various workshops, fostering, creativity, self expression, and personal growth.

Raising awareness: By donating, you support our efforts to raise awareness around the critical issues faced by emerging adults, including identity confusion, unemployment, mental health struggles, burn out, and more.

Advocating for recognition: We are dedicated to advocating for emerging adults to be recognized as a distinct population, needing targeted support from the Canadian government.

Community centric fundraising

Add Grow Still, we adhere to the 10 principles of community centric fundraising to ensure that your contribution makes a meaningful impact

  • Fundraising must be grounded in race, equity, and social justice

  • Individual organizational missions are not as important as the collective community

  • Nonprofits are generous with and mutually supportive of one another

  • All who engage in strengthening the community are equally valued, whether volunteer, staff, donor, or board member

  • Time is valued equally as money

  • We treat donors as partners, and this means that we are transparent, and occasionally have difficult conversations

  • We foster a sense of belonging, not othering.

  • We promote the understanding that everyone personally benefits from engaging in the work of social injustice, it's not just charity and compassion

  • We see the work of social justice as holistic and transformative, not transactional

  • We recognize that healing and liberation requires a commitment to economic justice

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