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This is Sujit. I recently joined Grow Still as a Bookkeeper. My main role is to perform bookkeeping for all financial transactions, reconcile and balance all accounts, analyze financial data, as well as to produce financial reports and budgets.

I immigrated from Bangladesh to Canada with my family. I was born and raised in Dhaka, where there is a festival every month! I was always surrounded by friends who are sculptors currently living in France.

Before coming to Canada, I successfully completed Master of Business administration from Stamford University Bangladesh, followed by a Master of Accounting from National University, Bangladesh.

I also obtained a Business Administration Diploma in Accounting from Bow Valley College in Calgary, AB. Recently, I completed CPA (PREP) and also a candidate of CPA PEP under CPA Western School of Business, AB.

My favorite subject is Non-Profit Organization’s Taxation, and I really like to work with non-profit organizations like Grow Still, to help develop their policy and programs.

My goal is to develop and strengthen the non-profit and charity sectors, by using my experience and education in Canada. I believe that only charitable organizations can improve the social welfare of society by encouraging the young generation in different activities.

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