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My name is Richard Robles, and I’m thrilled to be your new Board Secretary at Grow Still.

I graduated culinary school in 2014 and worked as a professional chef for 6 years. In light of recent events (*cough* the pandemic *cough*), I reoriented my professional trajectory and went back to school to study Office Administration at BCIT and graduated in March 2023.

On weeknights, I study Applied Social Sciences at Langara College and am building towards a bachelor's degree down the road.

On weekends and holidays, I read personal essays and autobiographies as I love to know literally everyone’s life story. I also still cook and bake for fun, so feel free to ask me anything about food – I’m all ears!

In joining Grow Still, I hope to feel a little less lost as an emerging adult myself and to better understand my capacity to help others better understand themselves and find their "why" in life.

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