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I am a nomadic, pansexual, polyamorous community leader on a Mission for Human Transformation. Throughout my life, since I was just a baby, I had various health issues, which got worse when I hit puberty. I was a high-functioning anxious person, dedicated athlete, enthusiastic and stellar student, and partying became the perfect way to let go and be free. Alcohol allowed me to be less shy, and was usually shared with good friends and good music. I didn’t see anything wrong with it, especially because I was still managing to perform in all aspects of my life…until one day I couldn’t do anything. The effect of substance abuse was insidious, because what was developing within me was a chronic invisible illness, which Western medicine labels as ‘fibromyalgia’, a condition that is deeply-rooted in one’s nervous system and therefore initiates widespread, diverse and pervasive symptoms. Grow Still was born within my spiritual awakening, which unsurprisingly coincided with the beginning of my path to healing holistically through alternative medicine. Listening to my body, seeking professional help within the community (instead of following the chaotic maze of the quebec healthcare system), and committing to sobriety are just a few of the elements that colour the direction and values of the organization. I feel blessed to be alive and so grateful for the cards I was dealt, because they allowed me to find balance and purpose at a time when humanity really needs emerging adults to be Awake, empowered, and responsible for their own health and happiness in order to shift global consciousness.

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