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A personable team player with an extensive global perspective and a real passion for startups and community-centered innovations. Segond Fidens has an M.A in Organisations’ Management from the University of Picardy (France). He has visited or worked in 30 countries in the last 16 years, culminating in single-handedly 8000 km cycling trip from Beijing to Bangkok, to meet the unsung doers and explore the tips behind the Asian Tigers’ economic breakthrough. He is always enthusiastic to contribute to impactful projects that create business value and leave lasting results in communities. He is a member of the SHRM (the World’s leading Human Resources Management professional society) since 2008, and has lately served as Procurement Analyst (Telecom), Director of Corporate Services and Director of People Operations (IT), Managing Director, then Chairman of a National Horticulture Working Group in Rwanda. He comes to Grow Still with a global outlook and hands on resourcefulness to contribute to its impact scale up and operational efficiency.

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