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Hello. My name is Cynthia Khairallah, originally from Lebanon. I moved to Montreal back in 2021 to study here.

I am currently focusing on the field of human relations and the psychology of people, as I envision my future career to involve interaction with individuals and gaining valuable insights from these experiences. I emphasize the significance of continuous learning and building connections with diverse individuals, as these contribute to broader networks in the long term. Additionally, I aim to gain substantial experience, particularly during my undergraduate years, and find this achievable within the diverse and inclusive community at Grow Still.

At Grow Still, my objective is to integrate my enthusiasm for communication, networking, and social activism. I aspire to create a safe, accessible, and forward-thinking space and community. In doing so, I not only seek personal growth but also aim to contribute to the comprehensive development of individuals within the organization. Furthermore, I recognize the variation of human resources benefits that can arise from such an environment, including enhanced teamwork, creativity, and employee satisfaction, ultimately fostering a positive and growing workplace culture.

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